Monday, September 1, 2014

Because of Him

LUIS GILLON, Argentina: 


Yep. August just whizzed by like all the other months. But we had a special day on the 30th! DRUM ROLL... YEP. The Familia Velazquez were baptized! It was wonderful and they looked soooo happy. We went over to their house to help them get ready and braid the girls hair a little bit before and then planned to all go to the stake center together. Hermana Mills was nervous as can be and I just sat there like usual with a cheeseball grin on my face. I can’t even describe how happy I felt. This is my first baptism that is a complete family! Happy day! They are strong and are going to be great here in Luis Guillon! In our stake (Monte Grande) we do something called Puertas Blancas, where all of us get together once a month and have a big baptism. This month we had 10 as a zone, and 4 of them was our cute lil Velazquez family. 

I love the Velazquez Family!

They are now members of the church!

We all drove together to the church and you could just see the excitement and nervousness on their faces.  The kids kept complaining and just wanted to just be baptized. They didn’t want pictures, music, none of it. Those kiddos just were too dang excited to get in that font. It was adorable :)

Hermana Mills and I shared a moment while we watched four of our beloved brothers and sisters enter into the water and start a new part of their lives. They are now members and changed a lot to get to this part of their lives. It’s amazing! I have seen many miracles during my mission but this family definitely makes it on the list! I have seen a complete change with them. That my friends  it is called using the Atonement of Jesus Christ and feeling the Love of our Savior!  A quote from Abraham Lincoln I like describes it well. ¨I'm a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down.” ….That “friend” is the Lord…for ALL of us. He is there whenever we need him. The ups and downs. He is there to help us come home and become like him!  

On Exchange in Androgue

Argentina House? Love the Color

I cannot believe this is the last week of the transfer... Ya know what that means? yep... Hermana Mills last week! I cannot believe it has come and gone so fast. I am sure her family is anxious to see her but I am sad to see her leave. But no worries. I know its all part of the plan and she will be a good lil missionary there in South Jordan as well. 

I am going to miss Chef Mills

We are teaching this family. They have a baptismal date at the end of September.
Although the baptism was the highlight of my week there were other great parts as well. I went on two exchanges this week, which was great and learned a lot. We have 4 new baptismal dates and lots of less actives coming back to church. Miracles Galore! This work is amazing! I love being a missionary. How blessed are we to have this opportunity to share the gospel. I wish i would have taken the opportunity to do it more when i was home before my mission. Better late than never right? I will be looking for those who need me in Utah when I get home. THere is soooo much work to do around the whole world. And it is sooo important we do it. Afterall, the Lord is hastening his work! (dyc 88:73) 

Well, I want to close with a video this week. Not sure if I have shared it before or not. (Because of HimYouth Mormon message)  But we watched it on Sunday again and I felt the need to share it again. While you are watching I invite you to pay attention to how you feel. I know with out a doubt who ever watches this will feel the Spirit and know that Christ lives and loves us all so dearly.  

He is real! He is our brother. I am his representative. I am here to spread his gospel. I live it and love it! Life is good. Couldn’t be happier :) Go live it up this week and please dont forget to do your part. GO share the gospel! 
Love your guts

-Hermana Newman :) 

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