Monday, August 25, 2014

Beware of Pride and Choose To Be Humble

LUIS GILLON, Argentina: This week was great! Argentina is throwing us for a loop and playing pranks with the weather! Seriously! All last week I was in skirts to my knees without tights. Today?!?!  Tights, long skirts, coat, scarf, boots.  It's
Carne Asada with the Savedera Family. I was in Heaven
winter again, folks! Never again will it be summer in the life of Hermana Newman ;)

How was your week? I hope fabulous! What missionary moments did you have? I had a lot of great experiences this week doing contacts. We have a few new investigators and some other potentials. I love sharing the Gospel, and there are lots of ways to share it, too! I love teaching lessons the most, of course, but this week Heavenly Father had other plans for us.
Ice Cream on P-day? Yummy

He (Heavenly Father) wanted us out on the streets, and not in the houses. Hermana Mills and I decided to set some goals to talk to people on the buses and trains and at the bus stops and stations. Usually, we talk to everyone, but sometimes it is hard because seriously the buses and trains get packed like a can of sardines.  I am not even exaggerating! However,  we set it as a goal and did it!

I was making some nursing phone calls waiting for the bus to come when my awesome companion sees Jesus on someone’s shirt and blurts out, "Is that Jesus?¨ I couldn’t help but laugh and look over to find my companion making a conversation with a complete stranger and sharing the Gospel. Well, then of course after, I am on the look out for my opportunity to share, and lo and behold the bus comes and here is my opportunity!

Missionaries like to be silly too.

There was one seat left and my companion let me take it. So I casually leaned over and started talking to the lady beside me. I think she was startled that this white girl was keeping up the conversation with her but she was happy to talk and wanted to learn more! Of  course, it was a quick thing because we were on the bus and had to get off, but we got her information and I am praying something comes of it in the next couple of the weeks. 

Moral of this silly story: EVERYONE can share the gospel.

You don’t have to be a full-time missionary to share the gospel. You can share it on the bus, at work, at the store, the gym... Everywhere! Just pray for your courage to get out of your bubble and go do it! Don’t just read this email and think,  "good idea". I DARE everyone reading this letter this week to go share the Gospel and if you did it... I expect an email with the story.:) I am excited to hear about the miracles we all have. 

Another story about less-actives. This one is a quickie... We are still working with the pilot plan here until December. It is being tested here and in 5 other missions in South America. Anyway, we are working with getting the less actives reactivated and them sharing the Gospel with their friends. We have seen some huge improvements. Every week I swear, I see someone new at church an it makes me just want to die of excitement. 

We had one this week tell us how she knew she needed a change and did what she knew would be best: coming back to church. She did, and she is loving every second of it.  She just got an assignment and is hanging in there strong.

If you have someone in your ward who did not come to church this week I invite you to go visit them this week! Take your time and tell them how much we need them and love them and miss them! It’s the truth and they need to hear it from a loving friend who cares! 

I read a talk this week I want to share with you and then I will let you go because I have written a lot. It is about Pride. Its called BEWARE OF PRIDE by Ezra Taft Benson. 

"Pride affects all of us at various times and in various degrees. Now you can see why the building in Lehi’s dream that represents the pride of the world was large and spacious and great was the multitude that did enter into it. (See 1 Ne. 8:26, 331 Ne. 11:35–36.)
"Pride is the universal sin, the great vice. Yes, pride is the universal sin, the great vice.
"The antidote for pride is humility—meekness, submissiveness. (See Alma 7:23.) It is the broken heart and contrite spirit." (See 3 Ne. 9:203 Ne. 12:19D&C 20:37D&C 59:8Ps. 34:18Isa. 57:15Isa. 66:2.) 
"God will have a humble people. Either we can choose to be humble or we can be compelled to be humble. Alma said, 'Blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble.'"(Alma 32:16.)
Let us choose to be humble.
I hope that this week we can all be a little more humble. All be a little more Christ like and help those in need. I know you are all awesome, but we should always be striving for more, right? Let's do it together! Let's conquer this nasty poision of pride. Drop it and pick up the Christlike humility we all need to return with Him again. 

Love you with all my heart! Have a fabulous week! I know I sure will. Don’t take life too seriously. Remember to laugh, smile, and have fun! That’s what God wants for us: Happiness! 

Until next week!
Chau chau

-Hermana Newman :) 
 P.S. I Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

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