Sunday, April 28, 2013

First letter from the MTC

PROVO — Mi Familia!!!!! HOLA all the way from Provo :)

How the heck are you? I miss you lots, but am doing so great. I LOVE being a missionary.

I sent you a letter on Saturday because our branch president told us to since we haven't had preparation day yet. But now our schedules have been changed and instead of preparation day on Thursday, it is now on Saturday. Pres. Sanchez told us to get on today and write you a quick email to say hello and that we are alive.

 First off, WAHOOOOOOO my sister graduated from nursing schoool! What a smartie pants. Good work Brit! You rock! :)

Thank you for all the dear letters. It has been fun reading them. Also thanks Juli for the package. Won't be hungry anytime soon ;)

I have seen a few people here from our stake and such including Elder Dial, Elder Crapo and Elder.... shoot I forgot his name, and Juli's cousin, Sister Crockett.

I am loving it here and learning so much! Sometimes, I am stressed but I know I have help always, so that is nice to think about.

The language is slowly but surely progressing. We have only been here 4ish days but already we have taught 2 lessons to our investigator, Ada, in Spanish,  prepared talks for church and I now can pray and bear my testimony in Spanish. It is amazing what you can do with the Lord's help. Sometimes, I am a little frustrated at how "hard" Spainsh is, but then I am humbled when I hear the missionaries studying in Cambodian or Russian. Crazy!

Being a missionary can be hard. But I have learned it is what you make it. It is hard, but so worth it, and will be the best decision I have made. I hope you all are doing well.

Sorry this is so short and not much detail, but I will email you again on Saturday.

The most important part: I Love you! Smile lots and laugh often. The church is true through and through. Give em' Heaven!

Love, Hermana Newman :)

(BAHHHHH hermana newman- how cool is that?!?! ;) )