Monday, June 30, 2014

Never underestimate the far-reaching influence of your testimony

LUIS GUILLÓN, Argentina - Hey family! Happy July... tomorrow. Where did June go? I have no idea :) But I hope you all are enjoying summer.  You are all swimming and eating watermelon and I pulled out my gloves and beanie this week :) Gotta love living on opposite sides of the world! I heard everyone is going up to the cabin for the Fourth!!! How fun :) I am a little bit jealous but no worries hermana mills and I are going to try and eat something american and have a mini party. The real party will be the 9th of July... Independence day in Argentina! WAHOOOO! 

THis is what we rode bikes in. Wahoooo! Adventure time :) I love being sister training leader. adventures every week haha

Guess who rode a bike this week? :) 

This week has been great. As always, time is just flying. We are almost half way through another transfer again. What?! I am learning lots in my new area. It’s always hard to change and get to know a new area and the people but it is also great. Heavenly Father expects us to love everyone and share the gospel with everyone. No matter if you know them for 6 months, one year, 2 weeks or a whole lifetime. Thats the amazing things about missionary work... its something we have to work at daily! This week we saw some miracles again for sure! We had 8 less actives at church again and have a family of 4 on date for July. I hope everything goes well. They want it so bad but have to figure things out with work :( I just found out that one of my investigators who we gave a baptismal date to before I left was baptized this week! wahoooo!!! :) I am so excited. gotta love the work no matter where you are.
Swappin clothes with hermana Mills.... we are a little tired of the same clothes everyday.

We are so excited to be serving missions!

This month has been pretty interesting with the World Cup. We obviously are not allowed to watch it but every house we go into that is all the family wants to do is watch. So sometimes we have to ask them to turn it off. If Argentina is playing? haha usually we spend a good couple hours outside walking the streets in silence and knocking doors. It’s quite the experience. We have a big activity this weekend but might have to postpone it due to the world cup haha gotta love Argentina :) 

Nothing like a good hot malta on a cold winters night ;) 

THis picture is of Mondongo... cow stomach.... Mmmmm ;

Hermana Mills and I are doing great. We still think president made a mistake with our companionship because we just have too much fun and too much in common. ;) We are hard workers but love to smile, laugh and have fun. So, it’s pretty easy to get a long with her. You think i am crazy? you should meet her! haha ;) She is a hoot and a half! 

 We are working hard with the less actives right now and have some investigators progressing as well. I love doing in all types work. One thing I have really noticed that is great about this ward is how much the members help out. Its amazing! I could not do it without them :) 

With the Elder's at a Baptism
We watched Ephraim’s Rescue the other DVD which was SOOO good. If you haven’t seen it you should! It is like 17 miracles. Anyway, I was watching it and almost in tears. I love and respect the pioneers’ sooo much! They gave everything to be part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There was a quote I loved from Pres. Monson and is talk called Be thou an example:
 ¨Never underestimate the far-reaching influence of your testimony. You can strengthen one another; you have the capacity to notice the unnoticed. When you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel, you can reach out and rescue others of your age.¨ Share your testimony and light of Christ with everyone this week and watch miracles happen! :) 

I hope all is well there in the States. Sorry its so short but I gotta get going! Sure do love you all with all my heart :) Keep me updated with what’s new there. Brit sent me a quote a couple weeks ago that I loved. So for all of those who are stressing listen up: ¨Life by the yard is hard, Life by the inch is a sinch!¨Tear it up this week! 

Hermana Newman :) 

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