Monday, June 2, 2014

The reality of the Holy Ghost


Wow. Can't believe it is summer there already. Does that mean everyone is getting out of school soon and ready for some summer fun? :) Here in Argentina — In South America, really —everyone is getting excited for the World Cup. Should be interesting to see how that works out for the missionaries ;)

This week was FABULOUS!! Probably one of the greatest weeks of my mission. I can’t exactly explain why. But, we were able to see so many miracles and be part of them. My favorite part was being an instrument in the Lord's hands. I have had experiences this week that I will treasure forever. I don’t want to write them down today in the email because they are very special to my heart, but I can testify that the Holy Ghost works! It is a gift for us all. Heavenly Father wants us to use it and feel it in our lives daily! Don’t waste this precious gift.

This week, my testimony of the Holy Ghost has grown tenfold. If you want to be an instrument in the Lord's hands stop thinking so much about it: do something about it! Get down on your knees and pray for these experiences. YOU can make a difference. I wish I had realized that a bit more before my mission. You don’t have to have a tag to be a missionary. Just need the desire and help from our Heavenly Father. 

I heard this quote in Zone Conference two weeks ago... ¨Don’t walk... You know how to fly! ¨ (Luke 18:26-30) we have what we need... we have the gospel... we have our wings to fly. Give them a try!!! :) 

I promise you will fly. You might have a couple of trial runs where you might fall but get back up and I promise you will fly!

I am about out of time but, I want to share a song I found this week that I really love and think we can all relate. It's by Aaron Edson.

 I think it's called Wondering.

I am so grateful to be here in Argentina and help others repent and grow closer to our Heavenly Father. So thankful for my Brother, Jesus Christ and his Atonement. The only thing I can do to try and repay him is serve him... serve him and help my other brothers and sisters here use His sacrifice to return to him one day! 

Love you all with all my heart! I hope you have a spectacular week! Give it all you've got and tear it up!

Con amor, 
hermana newman :) 

p.s. Don't forget to smile :) Life is good!

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