Monday, June 23, 2014

Fun with Sister Mills

LUIS GUILLÓN, Argentina - HOLA from Luis Guillón!

Mom wrote me something about 4th of July plans... WOW! Where has June gone?  Seriously June has come and left! Things are going great. Made it through my first week in the new area. And I love it! It is very different than Columbia 3 or Banfield 1 but ya gotta love everything the Lord puts in your path.
The view from my new apartment
My companion is great. She and I have lots of goals to get this area moving and help the members get reactivated and invite their friends. We are quite the companionship. She is short and I am tall.. she has crazy big hair and I cant get volume in my hair for the life of me. She is a white girl and everyone still thinks I am Latina. You think my laugh is loud?... hers is louder. haha Basically we are just a big ball of fun. We saw President in a meeting this week and he said, ¨uh oh. I don’t know if i can have the two crazy girls together. You are going to have waay too much fun. But the Lord wanted it so, here we are!¨ haha

Tired of our clothes, so we switched.

This week has surprisingly been really slow but no worries we are ready to pick up the pace this week. We have lots of less actives to help and are on the search for new investigators. The sister who was here last was pretty sick so they didn’t get to do much work here. But lucky me... I am very healthy and ready to work so this area is perfect! :) 

We had some great lessons this week with all sorts of people. Its amazing how different life is for everyone but we all have the same goal... to make it back with our Heavenly Father again. I don’t remember who I told but our mission is doing a 25 week program to really read and understand and study preach my gospel. This week we are starting chapter 3 lesson one. The restoration. I was reading this morning and found a really simple but powerful quote that I liked. I don’t have my English PMG with me but I will try and translate it in English. Sorry if it is not word for word but you will understand what I mean. It is the very first line on page 29 I think. It says: ¨The lessons of this chapter contain the doctrine, the principles and the commandments, essential that you should STUDY, BELIEVE, LOVE, LIVE and TEACH!
I know it is really simple but I LOVE simple things. They are so powerful :) I read that this morning and knew it was perfect for me to hear. How true is that. The gospel is not just things we study and teach... it is what we believe, live and love. Those are words of action. We need to be active and doing things in the Gospel. Not just studying and think we will be good. No, God doesn’t work that way... he wants us to DO! :) 

Me and débora again :) She is a shortie hee hee we took a normal pic and yep i preetty much looked like a giant!

AL righty, that’s all for this week folks! I hope you have a great week and have some awesome experiences. In the words of Hermana Mills--- ¨KILL IT!¨

Las Quiero! BESITOS :)

-Hermana Newman 

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