Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July and the Influence of the Book of Mormon

LUIS GUILLÓN, Argentina - Well, What a week!  Happy Birthday United States, Gramps and Me and this weekkkkk... Argentina! :) I had a great week and I am sure you all did as well. 4th of July? wahooooo! I hoped you partied it up and enjoyed a little sun for me. It rained here and was cold but we still took some silly pictures and sang songs. Its weird being in a different country for the 4th of July. We were all patriotic in our dresses and everything. I didn’t think anyone would notice but at the train station a man looked at me smiled, laughed a little and asked me if I was going to sing my country’s anthem! bahaha I about died laughing. 

hermana mills making the chocolate cake, sooo nice

Debora and Her Sister Andrea suprised me

Hermana mills made me a cake and it was delicious :

This week started off a little bit crazy with my companion getting bit by a dog.  :( She is fine and wont need shots but it was sooo funny to be there. poor thing walked too close to a fence and he reached out and bit her good. She started freaking out and screaming about not wanting shots. I had to (with love but very sternly) say... STOP! I have to look at it first. In the end it was fine but it was a little dramatic experience :) But now we know not to walk near dogs that are cold and hungry haha ;) 
Happy 4th of July
The fourth of July was great. We got all dressed up in red white and blue and walked around in the rain trying to find people to teach. Rain plus World Cup does not make for much success but no worries we ended up finding a few people to teach and all was well. I love all the lessons the mission is teaching me. It was a hard situation but my companion and I just smiled and had a good day in the rain! No pasa nada! :)
The difference between hermana mills and I....  
hahaha the princesss and the punk 

My birthday was also great. Thanks for all the little notes and pictures. You are the best :) I didn’t tell anyone about my birthday here because I don’t like being the center of attention but little miracles happened and they ended up finding out it was my birthday.  One lady gave me the biggest hug of my life and a million and five kisses! hahah I was laughing so hard and felt like she was my cute lil mom. Debora also visited me and brought me a cake! SUPRISE! I was shocked to see her but also very excited. She is doing great and tearing it up in Banfield 1! She told me she got a calling this week... drum roll... she is Young Womens Secretary! WAHOOO :) 

Today we went on an adventure for Preparacion day. We went to a Lake thing and made hamburgers and played volleyball and soccer. It was a blast but now I stink like smoke and burgers. Oh well ;) Gotta love every adventure right? The biggest adventure was making it back to the bus and train on time. I literally had to run and tell the driver to stop because my group was running behind me hahaha good times. Reminded me of our adventure in Finland with Dad ;) 

Hermana Mills asked me what we thought our families were doing while we were walking around in the freezing cold while nobody was answering the door..... oh yeah, Lake Powell (Mills Family) and the Idaho cabin (Newman Family)  bahahaha no its just a fun picture. I thought it would make you laugh :) 

Well I don’t have much time but I will end with a miracle. We had a miracle with the Book of Mormon this week. We went to visit a family who was not particularly very warm and fuzzy... loving. But we decided they needed some Christ in their lives. We went and basically the spirit was not there and they were screaming. Hermana Mills and I sang a hymn to try and get the spirit back but left a little down hearted for them. BUT we left them a commitment to start reading the Book of Mormon again together as a couple.

We went back this week and I was blown away. Seriously. We walked in and they were totally changed. I didn’t know what to think. I smiled and looked at my companion and mumbled... what happened. They are happy. The Hermano said with a big grin, ¨Guess what hermanas?  We have been reading together this week. ¨ I was astounded by the change and the difference it made. My testimony is now even stronger and I KNOW that the Book of Mormon works miracles. It is a book from God for us today in this world. I cannot explain well how I feel but I am grateful for this experience I had and to watch this book change lives.

My invite to you is just what it says in Preach my Gospel. It doesn’t matter who you are.  Member, Non member, less active or totally active. I want you all to go read Moroni 10: 3-5 and get down on your knees and pray with all your heart to:

1-    gain a testimony of the book of mormon or
2-    2- strengthen your testimony.

I know it will change your life. DO IT!!! I am doing it this week and I am stoked to go share it with the people. 

Have a wonderful week! My prayers are with you! I better go look for some more miracles... LOVE YOU! Give it all you got and don’t forget to smile. LIFE IS GOOD and GOD LOVES YOU!

-Hermana Newman

P.s. Sorry tons of pictures this week but enjoy :) 

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