Monday, July 14, 2014

Cold and Soaked But Warmed by a Kind Deed.

World Cup Tribute: Vamos Argentina
How are you? Well sorry in advance, this is going to be a short and sweet letter this week. I got a little distracted looking for and sending pictures. BUT I just love you all sooo stinkin much. How was your week? I hope just splendid! ;) 

My week was great. Lots of soccer games and rain.  Rain and World Cup doesn't make for a great combination as a missionary but none the less it was great. As I am sure you all read online, Argentina made it to the semi finals and finals of the world cup and then lost. But, I heard it was a great game. I heard it got a a little crazy in the capital, but we were just fine here in Luis Guillon. All the missionaries had to go inside for the final game at 4pm. So we were in the house most of the day yesterday. basically we went to church, ate lunch, taught a lesson and were inside for the rest of the day. We had no idea what happened but heard lots of cheering, then silence and then in the night time, cheering, fireworks, gunshots, etc. Partying it up! ;) 
Adventure with our exchanges in Monte (its far so we both went and worked there with the sisters) 

Hermana Mills made me take a homless picture... ;

We had quite a bit of rain this week. I have to be honest and say I am not a huge fan of rain. (Snow is waaay better) and especially as a missionary noboday wants to talk with you.  BUT I always make it a good day anyway by smiling and being silly. When you’ve got lemons... gotta make lemonade right? ;) And it all paid off. I had a very tender experience. I want to share part my journal entry for Saturday.

Well its official... I have found my man :) They sure make them cute in Argentina ;) 

What a day. I guess you could explain my day in two ways completely different. You could say that we walked around for hours in the freezing rain, with no success, cold body, soaking clothes and now I feel sick... OR you could say it was  an amazing day and I LOVE the lessons you can learn no matter what your circumstances. And I think I like that latter of the two. :) 

Yes today was a bit crazy and cold but I am thankful for a family in our ward who taught me a lesson of love, charity , service and humility. As we walked to their house in the dark cold night, we clapped our hands, earnestly awaiting for someone to answer the door. When they did, the kids had smiles on their faces and were trying not to laugh at what I assume was a pathetic sight of cold silly missionaries. ;) The mother rushed to the door and invited us in. I felt bad especially because we were getting her house wet. But, it didnt seem to matter a bit to her. She immediately gave us towels, and then ran to her closet, grabbed two skirts and sweaters and showed us to a room to change our clothes. I was in awe with how selfless she was and how kind to let us use her clothing to warm up a bit. While I was changing in the small, dingy room, I started to look around. Only to realize I was in a small girls room. I looked around and all I saw was two bunk beds and cement walls. I quickly changed, left the small, cold room and gave the sister my wet clothes. She started drying them above the heater and we were able to teach the sweet family a lesson. This family does not have much material goods at all. But I could not help thinking of their Christlike love and charity for me, a missionary from South Jordan, Utah. They have no idea where that even is, who my family is but they know that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. They are not rich by worldly standards, but they are rich in the gospel! ¨

I hope you can understand that. Sometimes my mind goes crazy. But i just wanted to share that little experience with you. I am seeing miracles daily. The gospel changes lives! The church is true! We can make a difference !¨ Perhaps, it is true that we are weak. Perhaps we are not wise or mighty.

But, when God works through us, no one and nothing can stand against us.¨ Presidente Uchtdorf. Let your light shine! Go out and help others this week. Give them love, show them that you care! Always thinking... What would Christ do? Have a great week. I am out of time but I hope you know my prayers are with you! Love you like crazy! 
-Hermana Newman :) 
Last P-day activity. SO BEAUTIFUL. laguna :)

This is what happens when you cant go out the last game of the world cup... you stay inside... study and make crepes!!! ;) 

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