Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working on Sunday - A Prospective Member's Faith and Action

Hello again :) What a great week it has been. We have had some pretty cold days here in Luis Guillon, but Heavenly Father has blessed me with some beautiful sunshine too! Can’t go wrong with that ;)

We just got back from transfer meetings. It was crazy, but Hermana Mills and me are still together for this transfer! WOOO! haha crazy thought but this is her last transfer. I can’t even believe it. I attached a picture. I was so blessed today to be able to see ALL my companions together (minus my trainer, hna brown, in Salta Argentina) It was so fun. AND i got to see D├ębora again which was quite a treat! I seriously have made some friends for life here on the mission. These relationships will always be close to my heart. 

We had another great week here in Guillion. We are getting our chapel ready for our "open house" this next week. We took an hour this week and put out invites in all the local shops. it was sooo funny and a great experience. People here are soo nice and relaxed. Everyone we asked let us put up a paper in their windows to invite them to come to the church for the activity. WOOO! Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- REPRESENT! I love being a missionary! I will let you know how it goes next week. We are hoping a lot of people will come and we can find some new people to teach. What ever happens I am sure it will be a great experience for us all.

My favorite part of the week happened because of a small miracle! I told you last week we are working with a family. The Family Valasquez. They are a family of 4 who are just amazing and progressing very well. We had hit a wall when it came to their work and coming to church. They want to be baptized and have felt the spirit before but both the parents have to work on Sundays. My companion and I have been praying and fasting for them that they can find new jobs or that their bosses will let them change their schedules. Its been a few weeks now and they still are having problems with their jobs. But, luckily they both had work off this Sunday. SO for the first time all four of them came to church! I couldn’t believe it! We went to go pick them up and the wife was in heels and a very nice modest skirt and the little girl was also in a skirt. I was very impressed and excited for them. You could just tell by their faces how much they enjoyed church, especially together as a family. Justly, in gospel principles class the topic was working and responsibilities. I about died with joy when I found out what the topic was. It was Perfect... a miracle! After the class, we told Hermana Velasquez that we wanted to help her look for a new job so she could come with her family every week. She told us no. I was stunned! But then with a grin she said, ¨Hermanas, I have felt the spirit too strong to deny it. I know what I need to do. I just need to quit my job. I NEED this. I need to come to church every week with my family. That is more important. As you can imagine Hermana Mills and me died with happiness inside. She then said, and Yes. All four of us will be getting baptized in August! :) Keep them in your prayers! They are going to be great members. I am soooo happy I can’t even describe it right now. In about a month I will get to see this beautiful family make their first covenants for eternity! Life is good family... oh soo good! :) 

Well, that’s my week. I would love to hear about your miracles! Go out and find some... be a part of a miracle for someone else. I love you with all my heart. You are always in my prayers. Have a great week! Tear it up!
Les Quiero!

-Hermana Newman 

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  1. Miss you Sara! I'm so happy for you Hermana Newman! ^_^