Monday, March 24, 2014

Meet Hermana Dias

Temperley, Argentina - Hello family! 

Wow! Yep a new transfer begins today. I can hardly believe it. Hermana Calderon got transferred to Villa Espana and I am here with a new companion. Her name is Hermana Ruiz Dias. She is 18 years old and from Paraguay. She is on a mini mission right now.

Me and Hermana Ruis Diaz
Here in Argentina, when we don’t have enough companionships they ask some of the youth to help out with the work and go on mini missions for a transfer or two. Haha  So yep, she is a mini. Should be interesting. I am a little nervous because I am the senior companion again and she never went to the MTC or anything, but no worries i think everything will be great. She seems nice and like a hard worker so that’s all we need. I am excited to get to know her a little better and work hard! We have lots of work to do and miracles to see here in Banfield 1! 
Our Zone
I know this is a short email this week but I want to share a few quick thoughts from Elder Evans who visited us. 
  • Heavenly Father will allow you to become what you desire but you have to show Him by your actions. Not what you say but what you do... what you choose to do... He will grant you according to your desire, your choice and your actions.
  • Desire is not what we want, but what we do. Are we willing to change?
  •  Never stop working as a missionary. Always think like a missionary! Don’t ever be a scared, timid member ever again. We need strong courageous members. Now is the time... we don’t need lazy members... we need hard workers!
  • Immortality is individual but Eternal life is for the family. We need to work hard and strengthen the family.

It was an amazing meeting with Elder Evans. I feel blessed I got to go. I wish I could share more with you because I could talk a whole lot more but my time is short. Let us just remember who we are and who we need to become. I am going to try harder and harder every day to become the Hermana Newman that my Heavenly Father needs. I invite us all to get down on our knees tonight and pray and ask who we need to become and what we need to do to help with the work. We are all called to this great work! :) Give it all you got. Smile big and get to work!

My New Boots

My Skin does not like my new boots

Te quiero un monton! :) Que tengan una buena semana!

-hermana newman :) 

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