Monday, March 10, 2014

I Think Satan is Trying to Get Me to Not Listen!

TEMPERLEY - Argentina

Editor's Note: Last week Sara signed off as "Gringa Trucha". I (Sara's Dad) asked native Spanish speakers what "Trucha" means. The response was "trout". I asked Sara to explain and here is her response:  Yes indeed trucha means trout or fish but when I say "gringa trucha" it means fake white girl. My companion calls me that because she thinks I was meant to be latina ;)

Hello once again. How are you all doing? I have been thinking about you all this week and guess what? Yep... I love you soooooo much! :) Guess what else? .... drum rolll...... time to send your lil´sissy pictures! I want to see your beautiful faces. (That includes all of you) hahah and especially my cute nieces and nephews. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS :) Muy amables! ha

How was your week? I hope you know I have been praying for you all. Congrats to Nick on the job that is awesome! :) And good luck Chris! You are all awesome. Yep, I have the best family ever! Thanks for being so great and always being such good examples to me. Here in the mission field I get to talk about you all everyday. Because we are always meeting new people and one of the first things they always ask is about my family. They are always shocked to know I am the youngest and that all my siblings have served missions as well. So yes... thanks for your great examples!

Families are the greatest ever. I know Families are part of the Plan and that families can live together forever.  What a blessing that is to know in my life.  I love sharing that with other people as well. I heard a cool quote about families the other day I want to share. ¨You can obtain Salvation solo, but Exaltation is for the family!¨ Cool yeah? I thought so! 

My week was great [although it] went by as fast as ever. I can’t believe we are starting another week. This transfer has flown by faster than most. We only have 2 weeks left in this transfer. Bah!! :) Working hard as ever here in Banfield! I am not sure exactly what to say this week. Other than it was great. ha sorry. My mind is blank. Thats never good ;) 

Hermana Calderon and I have been working hard with one of our investigators se llama Lidia. She has a baptismal date for this month. She said something interesting to us this week. She said, ¨hermanas I dont know what is happening. I know when I saw you on the streets I felt peace and knew you were special and that I needed to listen to what you had to say. But ever since that day something has been working hard against me. I am more busy than ever and hardly have time to read or pray. Hermanas.... I think Satan is trying to get me not to listen.¨

I  stood there in amazement yet I had a big grin on my face. I was so excited that she could tell the difference between the spirit she has felt so often with us and the influence of Satan. I would like to agree with her. Satan is a punk for lack of better words. Seriously! The work of salvation is moving forward and he does not like it one bit. He is working hard as ever to get people to go astray or think that they are not good enough for the gospel. But I testify that, yes he is working hard, but out Heavenly Fathers plan is perfect and that is why we as members and missionaries have the awesome privilege of working even harder. I know this gospel is true with all of my heart. I don’t know everything there is to know but I know it is true and that we can all grow and become better and better everyday and one day return to our Heavenly Father again! 

Times up but I hope you have a wonderful week. Tear it up this week and show Satan who is boss! Do your part, smile big and help move the work along in your area! Love ya lots!

-Hermana Newman :) 

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