Monday, March 3, 2014

Hermana Newman's New Door Approach


How is everyone doing this beautiful fall day? ;) I can’t remember what the weather is there, but I am guessing it is turning into spring? I hope you are enjoying it for sure! It’s weird to be on the opposite side of the world and hear about your weather there but it's different here. Anyways.... this week was GREAT! 

First I want to start off with some ¨funnies¨ from the week and then after I will tell you about our miracles. 

No Power for Two days. Fun.

First, we learned something new this week. :) ...  It is not a good idea to throw rocks at people’s doors. bahaha I can just imagine your faces. 

Yes, Hermana Calderon and I were desperate so we started throwing rocks at an investigator's door to get her attention. You do what you got to do as a missionary right? ;) I think I told you this before but here in Argentina instead of knocking on a door or ringing a doorbell, we clap. Well, we had an appointment and she wasn’t responding to clapping so we threw rocks. Oh dear. Bad idea. She was mad and cussing us out until she came to the door and saw who it was. She apologized quickly and said, "Oh my angels, come on in." ha-ha Quite the adventure. I don’t think we will be using that as our contacting technique in the future ;) 

Sister Calderon and me with unique ways of using candles.

Second, I think I have been hit-on my mission more times than in my entire life. Hermana Calderon and I are going to start keeping track this week. It’s pretty ridiculous. This week we got some whistles and a ¨Hey Mormons, how you doin?¨ Oh dear, I love being a missionary. All the adventures and randomness keeps me on my toes :) 

Okay, time for some miracles :) 

We found a new investigator who is ¨De Oro¨(golden) Her name is Lidia. (Yes we threw rocks at her door). We smiled at her on the street and said hello and miracle happened .... she asked us who we were, and what we were doing. We explained our purpose as missionaries is to invite people unto Christ, to have faith, repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end.  She smiled and asked us to come back. We have been really trying to work with members and get them to friendship our investigators. Well, it worked! We had a member come with us. We talked about the Restoration and invited her to be baptized. The Spirit was strong as she looked up at us and replied, “Yes, yes I will prepare to be baptized on March 29!”  
WAHOOOOOO! We are praying for her and working hard with her to make her date. I am pretty sure she will have no problem. She is solid. I love seeing little miracles like this. God putting us in the right place at the right time! 

Baptism with the Elders
Next up... Less active work. You all know how I love working with less actives. It’s the best! We have been working with a bunch of less-actives in the area. Our district had a goal to get two investigators or more per companionship at the sacrament meeting. Well all of ours canceled like 15 minutes before church, so we were kind of bummed. but God had other plans in store. 

We went to go pick up a less active — and surprise! — her less active brother came also with their children and we got to church and another less active and her son were there. It was so good to see three less actives and their children at church! I was super-happy. 

And the miracle doesn’t end there... One of them got up to bear her testimony and was telling us how the Lord works in mysterious ways. She was looking for a new place to live and bam!... she is the missionaries neighbors (us). I agree the Lord is aware of everyone and everything. I feel so blessed to have her as our neighbor and watch her change and come back to church. LIFE IS SO GREAT, ISN'T IT? :) 

Okay, I have already made this email super long so I will share more next week. We got a special visit this week from Elder Evans (the head of the missionary board). He was awesome and so inspired. I will share what he said next week for sure! Love you all! 

Have a  great week! Remember who you are. Go out and help build the Lord's Kingdom this week. Can’t wait to hear from you again!


Your favorite ¨gringa trucha¨:) (Editor: I think this means Trout. More on this next week)

-Hermana Newman 

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