Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Are Called to Serve in Place of the Savior.

Well, I am switching things up a bit... instead of Monday- Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

Since yesterday was Labor Day and all the libraries were closed, we all got permission to write to our families on Tuesday so here I am.

Ha, funny story of the morning. We were heading over to District meeting at the church. But before we went we stopped by a store to pick up my companions planner she accidently left there. Then, we felt like we needed to stop by the mission office. So we did because it was rather close. I thought we stopped to check if our senior couple received our driving records or something but right as we walked in... one of the senior sisters smiled and said, "Oh good- you speak Spanish, come here." Long story short- They were having problems communicating with an Elders parents on the email because it was all in Spanish. We were about to help write an email back to the parents when -perfect timing happened- one of the parents called in on the phone. Our cute little senior sister smiled and in broken Spanish said "ummm... une momente" haha She handed me the phone and told me to talk with her.

The mother was calling because she was concerned her son had not emailed her yesterday and was wondering what happened to him. I was able to talk with her and explain the situation. It was kind of hard but fun to get to use my Spanish to help out the seniors. I don’t know- maybe it was just a funny story to me and Hermana Crotzer but we were chuckling for sure. God's timing is perfect, even if you don’t realize why you are going somewhere.

RITAS. People here love their Ritas. Its frozen custard deliciousness. Happy Pday :)

And Mom, thank you for not calling the office because I didn’t write yesterday :)hee hee They get so many random funny phone calls from parents all the time.

Maryland is still doing wonderful! Because everyone always asks: update on the Visa= none. One of the Elders walked into the kitchen today at our zone lunch and said, "Hermana! Why are you here?!?" ha Well Elder, I am not sure but apparently the Lord still needs me here. So I will stay until He tells me its time for Argentina. :)
It’s hard to believe I have been here in Columbia (Maryland) the whole time but I love it and still love my little branch. We had a picnic yesterday, which was great. It took up most of our p-day but it was well worth it. Good food, awesome people, fun, what more can I ask for. It was a great activity and many of our less active members showed up and brought friends as well. It was missionary heaven! I love activities and how close it can bring people.
We had another great week here in Maryland. There is a lot going on here. One of the investigators that I've been working with for a while told us this week that she didn’t want to receive our visits anymore. I was pretty devastated. She looked at my face and said, "Hermana I don’t want you to be sad." It was a really hard experience for me because I thought she was progressing and really doing great. But also it was a learning opportunity for me as well.
Everyone has their agency! I cannot force the gospel on anyone. Sometimes I feel like I want to just shout "PEOPLE STOP AND LISTEN UP! WE HAVE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!" but, that is not how the Lord's work is done. I have learned this lesson time after time after time on the mission but everything truly is in the Lord's timing. I was able to bear my testimony to Soledad that day.

With tears in my eyes I told her that I was indeed a little bit sad. Not because she didn’t want to listen to us, but because I knew our message was true and I knew the blessings she was missing out on. I bore my testimony about the Savior and the Book of Mormon. We were able to leave with a prayer and as I prayed I could feel the Holy Ghost with us. I know Soledad is not ready right now. But I am excited for the day when some other missionaries look in the area book and find her name again and go visit her. I know that someday and somehow she will be ready and she will be able to change.
Today I just want to close with a thought that touched my heart today in District Meeting. 

"You are not called to serve in a place; You are called to serve in place of the Savior."

It doesn't matter where we are- Utah, Idaho, California, Maryland, Argentina, Finland... but it matters that we know who we are- We are all missionaries and disciples of Jesus Christ. We have the honor to help share the gospel. Make sure you are representing him well.

"Les Gustan Sandia?"(Do you like watermelon?) SI! Holy cow they gave us the biggest piece of my life!

You are all amazing. Keep looking out for those missionary opportunities. You are sharing the best message in the world - A message that changes lives. That message is about Jesus Christ! Remember Him always and what He has done for all of us. I am grateful for the Atonement of my Savior, and I know that through him I can return back to my Heavenly Father again. What a great blessing that is! Have a great week. Remember to smile and have fun. The gospel is exciting- Life is good! In the words of President Richards "Go tear it up!"
Con Amor,

Hermana Newman :)

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