Monday, May 19, 2014

Reminded of God's Plan

TEMPERLEY, Argentina — Hola fam bam! How goes it up there in the North? :) 

I hope you are enjoying some nice spring weather! Pretty flowers and sun, perhaps? It is still fall here, but we are looking at some winter weather coming up. Its pretty stinkin' cold in the mornings and nighttime, but during the day is fine. Everyone thinks I am crazy because I am walking around with a cardigan and nothing more, and everyone else has coats and scarves. Gotta love it! 

Hermanas Newman y Kent on a rainy Buenos Aires night

This week went well. But to be honest, I can’t remember much of what went on. We are working hard with our investigators and a few a progressing right now, so that is good to see. We are working hard with the ward as well to strengthen the ward missionary program and use the new pilot program here in Buenos Aires South Mission. Like I said before, we are focusing on the priesthood holders or those who have been to the temple first, and then others. It’s definitely a work in progress, but hopefully we will be able to see some fruits of our labors here soon. 

Playing futbol on a for a district activity

We had a pretty good lesson with one of our investigators this week. We talked about The Plan of Salvation. It’s very interesting, because she believes in reincarnation. But we explained The Plan to her and when we got to the part when we talk about the Spirit World, where we wait for the Second Coming, everything just clicked. Her eyes lit up and she just seemed to understand it all. Like it was familiar to her. Funny story — because it is familiar to her. I love it! 

We all learned this plan once, and now I get to help people be reminded of the plan! :) How cool! She told us that she was going to pray about the plan and the Book of Mormon and would let us know what she thought about it. We have an appointment tomorrow, so we are hoping that goes well. 

Well, I will keep it short and sweet this week. I wanted to send some more pictures, but I don’t think we had time to take pictures this week ;) Thanks for all your prayers and all you do. Go have some adventures, and I want to hear all about them! 

Love you lots!

-Hermana Newman :)

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