Saturday, May 18, 2013

MTC Miracles

PROVO -- This week has FLOWN by. I cannot believe it is pday again. :) Happy day! Don't get me wrong, I love the rest of the week, but by the time it is Friday night, I am definitely ready for P-day!! 

A lot has gone on this week, so I will try and tell you as much as I can and hopefully my hands will type as fast as my brain goes. 

First off... we have been spoiled this week with our speakers. On Sunday for Relief Society, Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke to us. COOL right? She is an amazing lady. She gave us a lot of tips and inspiration. But my favorite was when we got to sing the songs she has written. Did you know she has a new song coming out? We were the first people ever to get to sing it. Let me know when it comes out. Anyways, It is to the tune of As Sisters in Zion, but she changed the words. Its all about sister missionaries and the work. I can't remember to words right now, but such a spititual uplifting song... AMAZING to say the least. 

On Sunday night for devotional, I was in the MTC choir, which was great. We sang Come Thou Fount. Well, guess who showed up as our speaker?!? Elder and Sister Nelson. I was shocked and super happy all at the same time. An Apostle of the Lord, right there in front of me. He gave a lot of good advice to us missionaries. He mostly taked about how we can be better and what we need to be doing. One thing that stuck out in my mind was that We as missinories are the link between Jesus Christ and our investigators. We fill the gap.We don't find people to baptize them, we find our brothers and sisters to help them have Salvation and Eternal life! "How great is our CALLING!" (PMG)

 Sister Nelson told us that as missinoaries, we needed to be praying for angels to help us with the work. She has helped me realize how much help we have as missinoaries. We are NEVER alone. We can have the Spirit, angels, our companions, prayers from our families, friends, ancestors, etc. I can't explain it, but this work is of God! How great it is! 

Have I told you about TRC yet? Not sure. It is my favorite part of the week. We get to go talk to members about whatever and share a lesson with them. It is all in Spanish, but it is a cool experience. Small world, guess who I got to visit/ teach with this week. Hermana Rice! Sister Rice from our ward. Crazy right? It was fun to see her. 

We also got to visit with another man, Hermano Crockett. It is good practice to get to talk with them and teach. I LOVE PEOPLE!!! It is scary at  first but always so rewarding. 

Miracles are all around us. The miracle I have seen several times this week was improvement on my Spanish. I am nowhere near fluent, but I have seen a difference in Spanish this week. It makes me very happy. We got out of TRC's and my companions stared at me and said, "Hermana! Your Spanish! Where did that come from? I am so proud of you." It's coming from the Lord. With a lot of faith and trust, the Lord is blessing me. 

I have also seen it in my lessons. I have no idea what to say or how to say a word and then all of a sudden, I am saying words in spanish I don't  remember learning. It is an amazing experience to see the hand of the Lord. He has always been there for me in my life, but as my faith and testimony has been increasing, he is helping me more.

I still have a LONG way to go. Spanish is still confusing but I am trying my best. This week, I have been learning past tense. Woooo, it's hard for me. But guess what? I can do it... Newmans do hard things right?!? 

oh PAUSE... 

ummmmm get ready for it...... 


CONGRATS TO STEVE AND BRIT! I am so stoked for you both! What an awesome thing :) All my siblings are married when I get home. Crazy! haha You oldie moldies ;) 

Okay, one more funny story and then I will tell you a little bit more about the MTC. So, my district knows I am a nurse. So they try and ask me hard questions all the time. It's fun but sometimes I have no idea the answer. This week, I got to practice some of my nursing skills. One of the Elders has had something caught in his throat all week and it has been driving him nuts. He makes horrible noises trying to get it out (gross I know- sorry) anyways, he was aksing me a bunch of questions so I was asking him assessment questions like: "does it hurt to swallow" "can you feel something in your throat?" "Does it feel swollen, etc etc" The elder asked me to look in his throat to see if I could see anything. I didnt think I would be able to but I said sure anyways and that I would take a look. Much to my suprise as he opened his mouth and I got close to look he made a noise because his throat hurt. Remember his mouth is wide open and my face is right there. He spit all over me. hahaha I couldnt see it but it was on my face and arms, then I looked down and saw the evidence of it on my skirt. I about died laughing. I was SO grossed out. But I held it together cuz I am a nurse and that what we do best.

That my exciting story for the week. Some of you have been asking about our schedule here at the MTC so I will try and explain it. It changes daily  but you will get the point. I will give you an example of yesterday's schedule. 

 6:30 arise and prepare.
7:30 breakfast. 
8-11 Classroom instruction. 
11-12:10 Personal study, 
1210 is lunch, 
1:05-1:55 gym
2:25-3:25 TALL (language program)
3:25-4:25 Language study
 4:25-5:10 additional study time
5:10 dinner
5:55-8:55 Class room instruction again
9-930 planning, 
930 return home get ready for bed, sleep. 

It is quite the schedule but it is really good to have a routine. 

Well, I have a thousand things to tell you, but my time is up and people are waiting so I better go.

 Love you all! Have a wonderful week!

-Hermana Newman

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