Saturday, May 11, 2013

Good tears and funny missionary mess-ups

 PROVO MTC — I cannot believe it is preparation day again, but I am very happy it is. 

Thank you again for your letters. It is great to hear from you all! I miss you and love ya like crazy. 

Before I forget, shout out to my lovely mother. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM! I love you sooo much! I hope you got my silly card in the mail. I also hope Juli, Hannah, Grandma Morgan and Newman and the rest of you mothers have a wonderful day. Mothers are so great and such a great example to me in my life. I got your package Mom. Thanks so much :) 

Oh and NICK.... Holy cow bud, thank you! That was very thoughtful of you. I got another package in the mail this week. Nick sent me flowers. They made me very happy. Beautiful purple, pink and orange tulips. The card made me laugh: "I may not be Bobby but I wanted you to know I love you anyways." Thanks brother, You are the best! Love you. Sorry if you haven’t gotten a letter from me yet. Patience and you will get one for sure. I am trying to write them but don’t have tons and tons of time. 

Let me tell you a little bit about my week. Sunday was my first fast sunday in the MTC. It was great! Testimony meeting was fun because we all were expected to bear testimony in Spanish if we wanted to get up. I didn’t think I would, but as I sat in my seat, my heart would not stop pounding. I knew it was my turn to get up. I didn’t say anything super profound but I definitely could feel the Spirit with me so strong! I was the only one from my district to get up. In Spanish, I told everyone how grateful I was to be on a mission, that God loves us, he is watching out for us. Even though it is hard, he knows we can do it. 

Being out of our comfort zones is good, because then you rely on Heavenly Father! You all know I am a stone heart and don’t cry often. I could not contain myself. The Spirit coming from everyone bearing testimony in Spanish got to me. I, Sara Newman, could not stop crying! I love feeling the spirit so strongly. I hope we can all feel the Spirit with us so we can do God's work and know that he loves us.

A new thing we learned to do in Spanish this week was contacting. We learned how to do street contacts and door contacts. I was SOOO scared, but it was SO good. I loved it! That is what I will be doing in Argentina all the time is contacting my brothers and sisters, trying to give them a message about their Savior. 

We have two progressing investigators. Their names are Alexandra and Alberto. Alexandra is 11, which is a good experience. I have to teach differently with her. Got to go back to my beehive days. ;) 

Teaching is still scary, and every time I do teach a lesson, I mess up. But that’s the cool thing about the MTC: everyone messes up and it is good practice. 

Some of the funny things missionaries accidentally say during lessons: (don’t laugh too hard) "I know the gospel will kill your family." One of the sisters offered her teacher marijuana instead of a mint. Whoops. My whoops last week was that instead of testifying and saying I know the gospel is true, I reversed it and said I don’t know it is true. 

The point is its okay. We all mess up and have to learn. That is why we are here on earth (or for me in the MTC): to learn and practice and do what the Lord needs us to do. 

I don’t know what else to say. I am doing great. Still trying to learn the language of course but it is coming along. I am excited for the day when I can actually speak it fluently. It is much harder than I expected but I am sooo blessed to be able to be learning a language. Spanish will bless my life forever and I am excited to help my Spanish hermanos y hermanas in Argentina. 

Sorry I am not super good about giving details about the MTC. If you want to know something specifically just ask and I will let ya know. My head is full and yet I can't seem to type and express myself super well. 

Today I get to go to the temple again :) WAHOOOO! love the temple. Best part of p-day. 

Anyways, sorry this is a little random. Hopefully, as the weeks go by I will get better at being more organized with my thoughts. But guess what? I am almost half way done at the MTC. CRAZY. Time is flying. Only 3-ish weeks left on Wednesday. 

Love you all. You are in my prayers! Have fun, learn lots, make good friends, and serve others!
-Hermana Newman :)

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