Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baptism commitment and visa-waiting

PROVO — Hola :)

Today is my first P-day. Crazy! We had to skip it last week, so it is kind of fun to have it this week. 

It is fun to be able to write letters and email home, but I am most excited to be able to go to the Temple. I haven’t been for a week and a half and am having withdrawals.

Thank you for all your letters! I have received one almost everyday, which has been fun and makes me feel loved. I did get Grandma's package, and the skirt looks great! THANKS GRAMS!

It sounds like you all are very busy with school, work and moving. Wish I was there to help, but I am glad I am here doing what I am doing. I still have not been here very long, but I am learning tons everyday! The MTC is great. My Spanish is slowly but surely coming along. 

Last week, our investigator, Ada, committed to baptism, which made me very happy. It is amazing how the Spirit works. I say that because in the short time I have been here I have been able to feel the Spirit often. They expected us to teach a lesson in Spanish the third day we were here. I was SO scared, but I was able to do it because the Lord helped me and the Spirit told me what to say. The gospel is exciting! I am grateful everyday that I get to be a missionary and wear my Savior's name on my shirt. What a blessing that is!

Yesterday we got fingerprinted again, and Monday we are meeting with the Argentine Consulate. For some reason, Argentina is really behind in getting visas out, so most likely I will be reassigned in 5 weeks until I get my visa. They were telling us to expect to get reassigned unless you are from Canada. For some reason Canadians are getting their visas way easier. Funny right? I thought so. 

I also had my "Nurse Specialist" meeting this week to find out a little bit more about my role as a nurse. Everything obviously depends on the mission president, but as nurses, we help missionaries when they are sick. Teach how to be clean and prevent illness, etc. Pretty much whatever the President and his wife want you to do. It was a relief to know that we have a lot of online resources and help so we are never alone and can always ask someone if you have questions. It is really cool: there is an online charting for us to use. I loved it —Nerd Moment :) It’s really cool!
I hope all is going well with you. I don’t have any really cool stories yet, so that’s a bummer. But I will tell you a little about mi companera y mi distrito. My companion is Hermana Tanner, from Salt Lake City. She is 20 and went to BYU. We get along great and are both serving in the same mission. The two other chicas in my room are Hermana Hillstead y Hermana Watson. Hermana Hillstead is 19, from St. George, Utah and also serving in my mission. Hermana Watson is 21, from Seattle and serving in Argentina too, but the Salta mission. They are so great and make me smile and laugh daily. 

There are 5 elders in my district. 3 serving in Peru and the other 2 in Argentina. They are fun as well. It is crazy for me because they are all so young. Not that I am really that old or anything but, I am the second oldest in our group. There are tons and tons of youngsters here.

I am out of time because I need to write my Branch President, but I just want you to know how much I love you! You are the best family I could ask for. Seriously! Thanks for the support and the prayers, they definitely are helping. I hope you all are doing well and know that I pray for you daily. Keep doing what is right. Laugh lots, smile even more and work hard!

Love you long time!

-Hermana Newman :)   

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