Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lessons in Argentine Culture

TEMPERLEY, Argentina - Hey family!!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Sorry for the mix-up on days but this week we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple here in Buenos Aires!!!! :) WOOOOO! We went to  the temple today and it was amazing to say the least. I haven’t been to the temple in nine months and I have missed it a lot. I just felt so happy the whole time and still cant stop grinning. I am at a different cyber today and it wont read my card so unfortunately no photos until next week. This week has been great as always.

Our ward really wants to strengthen the missionary work so we have decided to have classes and activities every week. At 6pm every Saturday we have classes of English and piano. Elder Agusto teaches piano and guess who teaches English.... yep me (ha the only person who can speak English in the ward).  We have only had one class so far but it went really well! I taught the alphabet, numbers and personal pronouns. It is fun to hear the people speak English. Their voices totally change. The activity went well and we had a great turnout. We played ¨voley¨ and futbol. bahaha never felt so “white girl” in my life. I need to work on my futbol skills for sure! Someday I will be good. lol It was  a great experience though and a lot of investigators, members and less actives came.

Mom asked me about siestas, food and a few other things here in Argentina.  
Yes, there are siestas during the day around 2-5 pm. It makes things interesting to say the least. The stores close down and everyone goes home to nap. So lucky us as missionaries we get to go wake everyone up fom their naps lol. Not everyone naps but a lot do.

The food is good. I like it pretty well. Everything is cold including rice, potatoes, veggies, because it is so hot here. I like it but I think I am going to love winter also.  I love the sun and all but I am  a winter type of girl! hee hee  

Our pension is pretty nice and I feel spoiled everyday. In Buenos Aires the lights and water get cut a lot because there are so many people needing electricity and water so they choose sections to cut for a bit. Interesting no? We have only been cut a few times but there are some missionaries who have gone a week without light and water. Good thing the church teaches us to be prepared and we have water in storage :)

The houses are waaaay different of course. Everyone has bars on the windows and fences. To ¨knock¨ on the door, we clap. haha seriously. Imagine me just chilling clapping my hands away... yep that is me. Alot of people don’t have bells and the door is too far away so we clap to get their attention. I love Argentina! Learning new things daily!!!

We have a baptism next week! :) Not Hinda, still working with the smoking with her but another investigator, Evelyn. She is solid. She is from a part member family. She is 9 years old and super duper smart, seriously. Working with part member families is great because she has the support of the ward and her family. She and her family are recent converts of about six months. I am really excited for her and the decision she is making, especially at such a young age. This week I have truly come to understand what it means to ¨become as a little child¨  SO important!! Working with Evelyn has made me realize it even more. Children are very Christ like, innocent and very smart and FULL of faith. That’s what I love the most... Evelyn’s faith. She is willing to put her faith to the test and ask her Heavenly Father if it’s right or wrong.

Well I wish I could share some photos because I have lots this week but unfortunately I can’t. Have a great week and enjoy. Smile and laugh lots for me! Remember who you are and whom you represent!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Newman :)

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