Monday, January 13, 2014

Basketball and bugs

TEMPERLEY, Argentina — This week like many others has just flown by. I cannot even believe it. Argentina is as great as ever. Hot and sunny but sooooo good! I have had quite a few adventures this week and lots of hard work so I am nothing but smiles! :)

Let me start by just telling you a few of my adventures.

- I went on exchanges this week. Very fun! Two white girls in a new area makes for quite the adventure, let me just tell you. But luckily, it's not just two white girls — two white girls and the Holy Ghost is all ya need. We were able to talk to lots of people and get some new investigators. Whooo! It wasn’t my area, but it was great!

- Bugs love me! Mosquitoes galore, of course... what’s new. But my newest adventure... attack of the cockroach. Ewwww. (Juli you might squeal haha) I was drying off after my shower when I felt something weird on my face. SUPRISE- yep cockroach. I about died. I was surprised I didn’t scream just a silent panic attack. Good times.

Hermana Newman with the bishop's daughter

 - I got to play ¨basket¨ this week! I was so excited. I haven’t been able to play basketball in ages. It was lots of fun. One of the Elders looked at me and said, ¨Hermana Newman, you played basketball in high school didn’t you?" I laughed and smiled. Nope... Just with the Elders Quorum every Wednesday night. Thank you Bishop Frandsen and Elders Quorum.

- Rain here is crazy! I think I better go buy me some boots. The streets looked like a river and then it was super muddy. No complaints here. I’ve always loved playing in the mud.

- Lots of nurse calls this week. Bah!! I love being a missionary and I love being the nurse. Good times. Keeps me on my feet.

- We went to Capital Federal this week... yep Buenos Aires! Crazy. It was fun to go, but WOW... can you say big city? I would love to go back and visit one day, but I am pretty sure I am still the same old small town Hermana Newman. It was quite the adventure to get there as it almost took 3 hours on the colectivos. (buses) 

- I am absolutely positive there were more stories but my little brain has forgotten them. Sorry. Next week I will write my adventures down. I have at least one adventure every day. Livin' the life here in Temperley.

This week was great, like I said. We were able to visit with lots of people. My favorite part of the week was on Saturday. We had an open house for the church, since it was just rededicated. It was AMAZING! We invited everyone and their dog to come, and it was a pretty good turn out. (The picture I sent was of the ward members who came out to support the activity) It was like a little mini visitors center, but at the church. Each room had different information for the different auxiliaries. Hermana Calderon and I had the job of a little tour/mini discussion. There were three boards that had pictures on them, front and back. I don’t know if you can imagine that or not. Anyways, it was basically the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, families and temples. We got to tell people about all of it in a mini tour. It was kinda fun, I felt like a visitor center sister. Those sisters are awesome, let me just tell you! It takes some skill! 

The ward after its open house.

But yes, great turn out. We even got some referrals and new investigators. The Spirit was strong and I could not just help but smile big as ever. I love activities like this!

Then on Sunday, one of our investigators came to church again and she has a baptismal date for the 25 of this month! So excited for her. She is almost ready. Just gotta get her to stop smoking. 

Sara, Hermana Calderon and their "abuelita" investigator

 I LOVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It changes people’s lives everyday — including mine. Heavenly Father sure is helping me change into the person he needs me to be! 

Life is good... oh so good! Thanks for all of your support and prayers. I love you all sooo much. Have a fabulous week. Keep it up, work hard!

Love ya long time,

-Hermana Newman

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