Monday, August 12, 2013

Where's Waldo

COLUMBIA, MD. - Hello again :)

First off..... Congratulations Miss Aubree Watko! [Aubrey is Sara’s good friend from the Ward who received her call to Detroit Michigan] I am so excited and proud of you girlie! You are going to be the best missionary ever. I am excited for the people who get to know you. You are going to bless many lives. Happy Birthday to Bobby today. Happy Birthday to Nick this week too! Love you Brother! :) Big 30! Party it up.

This week I have no idea what to say. We had a great week. Lots of teaching opportunities and met some great new people. I had a story I wanted to share with you but it is in my journal which unfortunately I left at home :( But, we had Zone Conference this week so I will share a thought from that.
I love this Temple.

First, I love Zone Conference! Wow, we learned so much. Sister Richards (Presidents wife) shared a little story and thought with us about Waldo. Do you remember those book "Where's Waldo?" She related it to us and how we need to be like Waldo.  Waldo is always the same. He never changes based on people or other factors in his life. He stands firm and true. Well... you can probably see where this story is going. We need to be like Waldo. Do we change our standards around different people and situations? Or do we stand for what we know? Do we stand out in the crowd? Can people find us and know there is something different? I hope we can stand out. I hope people look at all of us and notice something different. It makes a difference and people are watching us every day! Make sure you remember who you represent. At all times you are a member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. You promised to represent him when you were baptized. He is there to help you. We are never alone. If we are willing, we can be instruments in the hands of God. (Alma 29:9)

Sorry my thoughts are short this week. But sometimes short and sweet is the best way to do it. Just ask yourself, Am I doing what Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father need me to be doing? How am I representing them? Do I need to make some changes? Really think about it. I have A LOT to work on myself. So I invite you all to join me. Pray this week to know what you need to be doing better, and how you can help. Our Purpose is to learn and grow and Help Others Come To Christ! If we are too busy for that... we are much to busy!

Hermana Fabi Rodriquez and a potential investigator and her daughters

I love you so much. I miss you like crazy. I am blessed to be here so thank you for your love and support! Have a wonderful week! Keep Smiling :) Life is good!

-Hermana Newman

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