Monday, July 1, 2013

Hermanas can do anything

COLUMBIA, Md. — First thing I want to say is WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO BRITTANY!

You are amazing sis! You are a nurse... with a job! :) Congrats. Such a big grown up girl you are. Graduating, getting married, and now have a job. ;) You rock sista friend! So proud of you!

I got your announcement this week. Can I first just say, wow, Steve? You are one lucky guy! You both look so happy. Sis, You are GORGEOUS, in case you haven’t looked in the mirror lately. And Steve doesn’t look too shabby either. ;)

Thanks for your weekly letters and updates everyone. I love hearing how everyone is doing and what things are going on with the family, friends and the ward. I am excited for all the Elders in our ward who have their calls and are leaving soon. That is amazing! They are going to love it and be such good missionaries, no doubt. 

The Lord needs the best right now, that is for sure! We don’t have time to mess around with the work. It needs to be shared with everyone who is ready for it! And there are tons and tons of people out there for sure. 

Mom, I am so proud of you and your missionary work. That’s awesome that you invited the neighbors to the activity! Way to be! What about the rest of you... any stories or experiences? I would LOVE to hear! 

Nick, Juli, Chris, Hannah- How are you all? I haven’t heard about your new places, or work or anything. Fill me in on the deets! :) I love you all and miss you. Hope you are doing well in Ohio and Texas.

This week was packed with service opportunities. And, in case you don’t realize this about me, I LOVE SERVICE! It is the best thing ever! Well, not to brag, but Dad, you should be so proud of your little girl. All those runs to Lowe’s with you, helping you do the basement and just little projects here and there chatting your ear off, well they paid off for sure: I re-roofed a shed! Ahhh yeah! And built a slide thingy. I am quite good with the tools ;) 

Hermana Brown and me were the first ones on the roof. We had just finished hauling things out of the shed and into the van. Hermana Castro looked at the Elders and said, "Wow, I love Hermanas, they can do anything!" Made me smile. And, when we were building the slide thing, I taught my companion ALL about tools and how to use them. Thanks for teaching me how to work hard, Mom and Dad! You are the best and such good examples to me!

I learned in kind of a funny way this week, not to complain. I am not a complainer and I never do it out here in the field, but unfortunately, I had a weak moment. It was SO hot and humid outside; we were walking forever and didn’t have water bottles. So I just mentioned to my companion how thirsty I was. Then just jokingly shouted, "Yo necisito agua!" Well, at that moment I felt a something wet drip down my face. I looked up and it started pouring on us. Kind of a funny story to make you smile. It taught me not to complain and be careful what you wish for! ;)

Miracles are all around us, like I have said before. But I had one I wanted to share this week. 

We got a referral from the DC Temple Visitors Center like 3 weeks ago. We tried contacting her so many times and calling because she requested El Libro de Mormón. We went to her house every other day and wrote her notes, etc. She never would answer her phone or the door. It made me really sad, because obviously I have a life-changing message I want to share with her. We stopped thinking about her for a few days and focused on some other referrals. One afternoon, we were driving to an area called Elkridge, when I had the impression to call Maria. So, I did. And..... She actually answered! 

My companion and I were shocked and so happy. Hermana Brown was driving and had to concentrate but I talked to her and set an appointment. I will never forget what she said, "Hermanas! Where have you been? I have been waiting for you! I want to hear the message and learn about that book." :) Oh my goodness! Long story short, it turns out that she had given the Visitors Center the wrong address, so we were 3 apartments off and visiting the wrong house. She was lost and we couldn't find her, but then the Lord provided a way, she actually answered her phone and let us come by. The appointment with her was awesome. She is very interested and is now one of our new investigators. :) The Lord blesses you when you are obedient, listen and are persistent. Never give up!

We had an amazing week with our progressing investigators. The Rivera Family: Alma and her 4 daughters. My favorite lesson this week was The Plan of Salvation. That one is a little scary for me to teach for some reason, but it went well because the Spirit did all the teaching. 

Mom, thank you for the Plan of Salvation thingy, the girls LOVED it! You should have seen the look in their eyes when I told them that they could be with their families forever and live with God. It is crazy to me to think how many people do not know that. What a blessing in our lives. The Riveras were progressing so well and keeping all of their commitments. They were on date to be baptized this weekend on my birthday. Best thing I could ever ask for. 

Alma got work off on Sunday to come to church and everything. Sunday came around and we went to Sacrament meeting, we had 5 less actives there which was sooo exciting. Life is good. I kept looking at the clock waiting for the Riveras to walk into the chapel. 

But they didn’t show up. 

I was crushed! They are so close but just don’t understand the importance of coming to church. We are still working with them and trying to help them come to church and have real growth: real conversion unto Christ!

Well, I better get off now. But family, I hope you know how much I love you. You are all amazing and good examples to me. I love this Gospel with all my heart! It is true and will always stand firm. Keep helping the work move forward, and I will do the same. Let's all work together to bring back our Brothers and Sisters!

Con amor,

Hermana Newman :)

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