Saturday, June 1, 2013

Argentina, Here I come (Via Baltimore, Maryland)

[Editor's Note: Hermana Newman has been temporarily reassigned to the Maryland Baltimore Mission until she is granted a visa from Argentina. She arrived in Baltimore on Monday, June 2nd. We received a message from her mission president that she arrived safely]

PROVO - Oh my goodness, fam bam , I can't believe that it is my last preparation day at the MTC. There have been a lot of "lasts" this week. I cannot believe how the time has flown by. I am super excited to leave the MTC and head to Baltimore, but I am very nervous as well. I know "MTC" Spanish, but I know when I get out in the field it's going to be like what to quote The Best Two Years... "That’s notthe language they taught me in the MTC!"  The Lord will bless me and help me with the language I am sure.

I don’t know hardly any information about Maryland or mission info, how long I will be there, etc.  I guess I will find out when I get there, and I will let you know. Please pray that I am in a Spanish area or that my companion speaks Spanish. It would be super helpful with language study. I don't want to decline in Spanish,but continue to progress and learn more each day.

It was SO fun to get to call home and talk to Mom, Dad and Brit last week, even if it was only 5 minutes. I have missed your voices a lot! But no worries it was good to hear them and made me very happy. Dad, I got the Fazerinas [Finnish Chocolate] from Leslie. I accidentaly threw away her address, but would you please tell her THANK YOU! They are the best :) Also thank you for the Lakerols and Patkis [Finnish Candy and Chocolate] -- totally made my week. I even shared with my roommates and they are in love with Finland now. 

I want to hear how Europe was this go around. Send me pics or stories when you get a chance! We need to go back one day... deal? Europe is such a cool place.

I am very excited to get to Argentina though because I hear it's pretty awesome too  Sounds like its as busy as ever at the Newman household!

Woooo! I hope Nick and Juli and the girlies are having TONS of fun in California. Good luck to Hannah and Chris with moving and Chris taking the test. You got this buddy! You are a smartie :) When does Brit take the NCLEX? Like what day? She is going to do great too! I am so stoked for her to be a nurse finally!

I have been praying for you all like crazy. And what the...  I still can’t believe my sis is getting married! I am really excited for her though! How awesome! I am excited to see pictures and hear how everything goes. I feel like I am busy here as a missionary but it sounds like you all are running non-stop. 

Today is going to be a crazy preparation day because I need to pack for Monday. I head out at 6 a.m., which is super nice because most of the other missionaries are leaving at 3 am. Counting my blessings for sure! 

Just for fun I thought I would tell you where are district all is going to. Hermana Hillstead is going to Louisiana; Hermana Tanner, Elder White and Elder Dawson are all going to Texas. Elder Schumacher is headed to West Virginia; Me, Maryland; Hermana Watson Salt Lake South and Elder Hyer and Jackson got their visas and are heading to Peru! Crazy business! I have come to love these Elders and Sisters we have grown really close the last few weeks. I am sad to see them go but excited for us all to get out there and spread the Gospel. Our district is a pretty stellar group... just sayin' ;)  

This week we had the cool experience to meet with some Muslim people from an interfaith group from Southern California or something.  Elder Oaks set it up, and we were the only missionaries that got to meet with them. They told us we would be representing all the missionaries: around 67,000+. No pressure, right? ;) It was a really neat experience. We just got to talk with them and they asked us some questions about why we were serving and how missions work, etc. I had no reason to be nervous. They were very nice and interested in the MTC and missionary program. We took a picture with them and then they left and went to visit with the MTC president. I didn’t make a huge difference in their lives or probably any difference but, I hope that as they met with us they were able to notice and see something different. I hope they could see the light of Christ in our eyes and feel the Spirit.

It makes me excited to teach all sorts of people with different backgrounds from all over the world. I am excited to share the message of the Gospel that I know to be true. 

God loves us all, he wants us to return. Jesus Christ made it possible to return. We can return if we have faith, repent are baptized have the Holy Ghost and endure to the end!!!! 

It’s that simple. God doesn’t make things hard. We do. We just have to listen, and obey. My purpose is to invite my lost brothers and sisters of Argentina (and now Baltimore) unto Christ! What a blessing that is in my life! What a great opportunity to be a missionary. Missionary work is good. It is moving forward. We are strong- We are an army here at the MTC getting prepared to help bring people happiness and salvation. 

How great the work is! I love it and I know you all do as well. I know Brittany always told us this and sometimes I took it for granted but please family, be a missionary in Utah, in Texas, in Ohio, wherever. You can do it! It takes courage but if you open your mouth, the Lord with fill it! I have come to know that to be true. (D&C 84:85)

I love you so much! Have a great week. Be good, make good friends, Choose the Right and keep smiling because LIFE IS SO GOOD :)

Te amo

-Hermana Newman :)

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