Monday, February 17, 2014

Faith in God's timing

TEMPERLEY, Argentina — Hola, mi familia!!!

Como estan? Todo bien? I hope all is well and you have big smiles on your faces. Guess what? I sure love you! I was thinking about you today, and man, I am blessed with the best family ever! :) Thanks for being so awesome and such great examples to me. 

This week was great. A little hard but good nonetheless. We did lots of street contacting and had lots of people to visit this week. Seriously, we had our agendas full for the week. We were stoked! But a lot of the appointments fell through or the people needed to reschedule.

The missionaries made Arabic empanadas on Preparation Day
But don’t worry, I didn’t let something like that get me down. No way, no how! :) Still working as hard as ever to find those people who the Lord has prepared.

One thing that I forget sometimes is that Hermana Calderon is still pretty new in the mission. She got a little down this week. She asked me why I was so happy and she felt so sad. I had to think about it for a minute. Yes, things are hard. No, things hardly ever go the way I think they should. But one thing I have learned is that God knows what needs to be done and He is going to help me do it!

It has taken me time to really understand the Lord's hand in it all, but I sure have a strong testimony of it now. He is there every step of the way! Brittany once told me something that I love and think about all the time. She said, ¨Sara, Heavenly Father knows what He is doing better than we do. If he wants you to walk around in the heat for hours and hours with no ¨success," do it! Do everything He asks because there is always a reason."

Guess who Hna Newman ran into? Hna Crotzer!
I have pondered a lot on that this week. Whether I understand it or not, If I am doing what I am asked and being obedient, I am helping move the Lord's work forward. It reminded me of a scripture in 1 Nephi: 
"But behold I said unto them that: as the Lord liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which the Lord hath commanded us."
Nephi didn’t know why or how he was going to get the plates from Laban, but he did it anyway. If we do what the Lord asks, I know that it will always work out for the best. Even when we don’t understand it... That’s when faith comes in. Faith overpowers fear every time!! :) 

Well, family, I think I have rambled on enough this week. I want to send some pictures, too, so I will let you go. Remember who you are and whom you represent. God loves you and so do I! 

Have a wonderful week. Give it all you got! Love ya tons and tons!


-Hermana Newman

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